AJO Mexico flourishing at the heart of Mexico’s industrial triangle

April 28, 2015

Mexico MapAs NAFTA success stories go, few are as impressive as that of A.J. Oster Mexico. Begun in 1993 as an Olin Brass service office in Mexico City, the operation evolved to become by far the largest industrial metals distributor in the country. The key development came in 2001, when A.J. Oster moved the operation to its current location in Queretaro and built a major service center to accommodate the industrial boom that was beginning to take hold along the “NAFTA Highway.”

Today, A.J. Oster Mexico is a premier full-service metals distributor in central Mexico’s exploding  “industrial triangle” bounded by Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara

“Over the past decade, our operation has evolved around the specific needs of the companies we serve,” says Joe Woo, A.J. Oster’s V.P. of Marketing. “Our IMMEX certification status allows us to make VAT-free transactions with suppliers all over the world. Our product knowledge and technical support expertise is unmatched. And our local management team is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of doing business in Mexico, from customs, legal and labor protocols to regulatory compliance issues critical to protecting the supply chain.”

That’s on top of product and service capabilities designed to accommodate the region’s increasingly diverse industrial customer base, which now includes major U.S., German and Japanese automakers as well as building and construction hardware manufacturers, electrical appliance makers, metal stampers and many others. “We respond to what the market demands,” Woo continues. “For example, we’ve formed strong partnerships with tin and precious metal platers to offer alloy systems with the finishes that meet the stringent demand of the automotive market.”

The bottom line: “In terms of people, product offerings service, quality, capabilities and management expertise, A.J. Oster Mexico is as good as any A.J. Oster operation in the U.S.,” says Woo, “and by far the most efficient supply chain metals provider in Mexico.” Which makes it an ideal strategic partner for companies seeking to capitalize on all of the benefits of one of the world’s most dynamic free trade environments….Think global and go local.

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AJO Mexico At A Glance

Location: Queretarao, Mexico

Opened:   2001

Products: Copper and brass strip, sheet, lengths, rod & tube. Aluminum, stainless steel strip and strip and sheet, CuVerro® antimicrobial copper

Services: Precision slitting, Traverse Winding, cut-to-length, toll processing, edge conditioning and vendor management inventory programs, digital invoicing, electronic accounting, Aranxel inventory control system, transfer pricing, IMMEX program and VAT certification