Emerging Technologies

Rapidly changing technologies and the innovations they spawn are constantly creating new applications for metal alloys, new product possibilities, and new markets to serve.

For A.J. Oster, this means addressing the changing needs of customers involved in new, rapidly-evolving market areas.

These include

Today’s aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on products and related services available from A.J. Oster. Our wide range of copper, aluminum and stainless steel alloys, as well as plating make us particularly well-suited to meet the ever-advancing needs of aerospace contractors. 

As oil and gas producers worldwide look increasingly to offshore drilling to meet growing demand, the need for metals coupling significant corrosion resistance with nonmagnetic properties is growing rapidly. A.J. Oster is uniquely positioned to meet the demand with a variety of products.

Product Packaging
From food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and OTC medications, more and more product packaging today incorporates aluminum foils for a variety of reasons – UV light protection, handling durability, sealing, and so on. A.J. Oster is an excellent source of foils for such purposes, including chocolate and candy wrapping, pharmaceutical blister packaging, decorative foils for use in arts and crafts, and many others.

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