Automotive Markets

Supply Chain
A.J. Oster serves an extensive base of automotive customers and has proven uniquely capable of meeting the industry’s exceptionally stringent demands for product quality, deliverability, and Just-in-Time performance at every point in the supply chain. We can offer stocking programs, help with logistics, and make sure to provide the correct alloy for every application. Our locations are strategically located to serve the needs of the industry from Mexico to Michigan and everywhere in between. If supplies need to be packaged to fit specific manufacturing processes or be shipped across borders, our staff can work with you to ensure your lines run as smooth as possible.

Electrical/Electronic Components
A.J. Oster has both the inventory and the expertise to determine and deliver the optimum alloy for virtually any automotive application, including switches, actuators, relays, busbars, fuses, sensors, connectors, electronic control modules, telematics, and infotainment.

Heat Shielding & Noise Abatement
A.J. Oster aligns aluminum coil stock with specific substrate materials (fabric, black mastic compound, etc.) that works together to deter sound and/or vibration from being transferred into the vehicle interior. Other combinations of components are used to prevent heat transfer within the engine compartment.

Fin Stock for Radiators, Cooling Systems
We offer specially formulated aluminum sheet in roll form, twin form, and spiral form for use in cooling fins for radiator cores. Copper alloys are also available for heat exchanger and fin stock applications.

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